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By Jim Selman | Bio

I am spending a few days with my best
—11 guys who get together a couple of times a year to share our experience of our lives and support each other through difficult times or to celebrate accomplishments. We usually meet at Vince’s farm at least once a year. It is a magnificent property in Western New Jersey with geese, chickens, horses, a couple of llamas and lots of deer on a rolling green framing a revolutionary era stone house and two imposing red barns. 

We are all more or less in our sixties with one younger and one older. We are all in business or retired and we’ve all succeeded by most standards. Aside from lots of laughter and a few tears, we spend a lot of time listening to each other. The space we create for each other is one of unconditional love and respect, which generally allows us to express ourselves in ways in which we don’t normally have the opportunity. We are never judgmental, and whatever ‘coaching’

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