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Safer Internet Day

Today marks the 5th Safer Internet Day. Participation in this annual event has been
steadily growing, and last year over 120
organizations in 56 countries took part in Safer Internet Day
celebrations, organising local, national and pan-European events
ranging from safety sessions in schools and competitions for young
people to public meetings and conferences.

Safer Internet Day promotes safer use of online and mobile technologies (like cell phones), especially among children and young people around

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Ethical Wisdom

My dear friend Joanne Kellert. Ph.D., and Jack Gilbert, Ed. D., have launched a one-day, in-house workshop called Ethical Wisdom: The Heart of Leadership, Influence and Power. It is designed to support health care leaders and professionals who are on a quest to improve patient safety, quality of care, patient and employee satisfaction, and the financial health of their organizations. They promise a day full of insights and ways to strengthen the ethical health of your organization and an

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Similar Driving Problems for Old & Young

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) will be launching an intergenerational driver safety program in Tennessee in January 2008. The class is designed for teens to share with their grandparents or another person over 50. Teenagers can enrol for free; older persons for a $10 fee. There is no test to take to be accepted into the program. Participants will look

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