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Conversations about Palin

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Since Sarah Palin’s Gibson interviews, I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that she reminds them of George Bush—even more so than John McCain does. Some of the similarities they’re seeing between Palin and Bush include:

  • Divisiveness and undignified, confrontational expressions toward other countries and their leaders
  • Ability to boldly state untruths over and over again
  • Cocky demeanor and foolish pride in being decisive even when they don’t have

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N.O.P.E. 2

By Jim Selman | Bio

Well, I’m never too old to be surprised. For you that are not familiar with the acronym N.O.P.E, it is short for National Organization of Pissed-Off Elders. Our purpose is to create a new organization to stamp out stupidity and indifference and restore common decency and goodwill into society. The last time I spoke from this perspective I was expressing my disgust at the cynical depths that the Bush gang would go to

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