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Open Letter to Bush and Ahmadinejad

The International Council of Concerned Mediators (ICCF) is drafting a letter to US President Bush and Iranian President Ahmadinejad to be sent in January 2008. The letter will call for direct and good faith negotiations without preconditions between the USA and Iran to address outstanding issues such as security in Iraq, Iran’s nuclear development activities, and the Middle East peace process. The focus will be on bringing the importance of immediacy, procedural equity and ownership, accelerated

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International Conflict Resolution Day

The third Thursday of October marks the second International Conflict Resolution Day. The World Mediation Forum and the Association for Conflict Resolution co-sponsored the first event. At the same time last year, the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators (ICCM) presented a Call to Action at their annual conference and began working to create a global community of like value-minded Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals and members

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