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Nursing Home Arbitration

The Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act was passed by the House Judiciary Committee in  July, moving it one step closer to becoming law. This bill prohibits the signing of an arbitration agreement as the only method of dispute resolution prior to nursing home admission, restoring a citizen’s right to seek justice in a law court once they have been admitted to a facility. These pre-admission agreements protect long-term care facilities from the consequences of allowing abuse

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Age Discrimination II

I am against trying to ‘legislate’ or ‘regulate’ good behavior. I
don’t think people respond very well to rules that are ‘good for
them’—whether it is anti-smoking legislation, ‘dietary’ packaging, or
sanctions on putting condom machines in high schools. People will, at
best, comply, but the underlying problems and cognitive blindness
persists for decades (if not forever). The result is institutionalized
secrecy, hypocrisy, black markets

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