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One Makes a Difference

By Lauren Selman | Bio

This was first published at The Life of Lauren with the title "Adventure Starts Today". It is kindly republished here with permission.

This morning, I woke up at 6:30am to get on the road. My lack of sleep over the past couple days is finally hiting me as I stumble out of bed, down the stairs and to the airport. I was blessed because my friend Melissa took me to the airport. (Thanks hun!)

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Healthy Habits

A study published in the October 2007 Journal of Gerontology revealed that people aged 65 to 85 with exceptional health shared these traits:

  • They’re married and have at least a high school edcation
  • They’re physically active and have a positive outlook
  • They’ve never smoked and they drink moderately

Canadian and U.S. researchers followed a randomly selected group of 2,400 Canadians for 10 years to discover clues as to what makes older people thrive. The study’s author, Mark S. Kaplan, professor of community health at Portland State University, stated that even though it’s best to start good habits early, there’s significant evidence

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