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The 11th Hour

My friend Chauncey Bell recommended The 11th Hour, a movie about the state of our environment and the kinds of things that need to happen if we’re going to have much of a future to think about, on his blog. It didn’t contain a lot of new information, but did a great job of focusing the mind and will hopefully mobilize a lot of people into action through The 11th Hour Action website.

Several of the commentators and experts in the movie drew a parallel between the ‘state of our mind’ and

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Winter Lights

By Shae Hadden

Tonight marks the longest night of the year—the time when the
prevailing darkness makes us appreciate the presence of daylight all
the more. Festivals of light and tree lighting ceremonies abound,
traditions meant to dispel the darkness. This holiday season I am very
aware of how much ‘light’ is needed in this world…

attended a tree lighting ceremony this evening, and was amazed at how
just a few candles could light an entire room and fill the hearts of

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