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Life and Work

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

week I began a new job. In itself, this is not remarkable; people
change jobs as a regular occurrence, whether as a result of individual
initiative or organizational circumstance. For me, this latest career
move serves as a stimulus to reflect on my commitments and priorities
and how these evolve over time.

Early in my career, I was
energetic, curious and ambitious. I had student debts to pay, a family
to support, and the aspiration of home ownership. At

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ADEA comes of Age

   The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which turns 41 this year, was recently evaluated by David Neumark of the University of CA at Irvine for AARP. The law, designed to eliminate employment-based age discrimination for those aged 40 to 70, now covers 81 million people in the US. Unfortunately, evidence seems to point to continued discrimination against older workers. 

Potential areas for improvement include:

  • protecting

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