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By Shae Hadden

Was talking with a close friend this week, and we were both
acknowledging how much we’ve changed over the last few months. Looking
back, it would seem the circumstances of our lives have forced us to
grow, to expand our individual perspectives to encompass all the
challenges life has offered—from critical illnesses and ongoing health
concerns to business changes, relationship transitions and dramatic
encounters with fear and uncertainty.

it’s not really the situations

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Too Tired

By Shae Hadden

It’s the battle cry of couch potatoes everywhere: “I’m too tired to do anything but watch TV.”

The secret language of couples that says so much more: “Not now, honey, I’m too tired…”

Parent’s pat excuse for eating fast food: “Let’s order take-out tonight. I’m too tired to cook…”

Employees incessant murmur: “I wish I could retire…I am so tired of this bullshit….”

all this tiredness going around, why is there such a demand for

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Choosing Age

I’ve asked a lot of people how old they would be if they really had a choice. In a recent essay entitled Complaint and the Blind Men,
Laurence Platt, who writes from his experience of Werner Erhard’s work,
wrote about the idea of choice as a creative act as opposed to a
conclusion based on some analytical reasoning. The message is that
happiness is the result of choosing ‘what is’, what some disciplines
call ‘profound acceptance’ or ‘surrender’.

aren’t many areas of

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