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Still Going Strong

The Herald Sun recently featured an article on Betty Calman, an 83-year-old instructor still going strong after 40 years of teaching yoga. Author of 3 books on yoga and a pioneer in bringing this practice to Australia in the 1950s, Ms. Calman was drawn back into teaching up to 11 classes per week 8 years ago by her daughter, who runs a health centre and needed more instructors. According to Betty, "You’re never too old. The body is a remarkable instrument. It can

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Body Beautiful

By Shae Hadden

Summer has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, and with it the seasonal display of beachwear trends. No matter what the fashionistas may be sporting on the runways, the beaches are where the reality of the North American body is exposed for all to see. Most of us attempt to do what’s possible, given our lifestyles during the winter. We’re not there just for the sun and surf. We’re trying to look the best we possibly can with the bodies we have so we can attract attention, whether for purposes of relationship or just plain admiration.

had always hoped there’s more going on here at the beach than just the
mating, dating and gawking games. But watching where everyone focuses
their attention in the throng of volleyball-playing, swimming,
strolling and picnicking crowds seems to prove me wrong. The natural
attraction seems to be to the trim, fit, energized bodies being
displayed in all their glory. Few look at bodies exposing belly fat,
pale flesh and flab. As I grow

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