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Dealing with Vision Difficulties & Computers

Many of us–the vast majority of Boomers in fact–deal with the trials and tribulations of vision loss. Corrective lenses address some issues, but not all. Reading glasses can help focus on things within 12 to 18 inches. Progressive lenses allow for relatively natural vision for anything that is close, far or in between. And HD lenses, offering the latest in technological improvements, provide maximum clarity at all distances, reduce distortion and increase your field of vision (as compared

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Practical Economics 101

By Jim Selman | Bio

I am not an economist. Thank goodness. This is not a good time to be one. There is a wonderful overview of the field, “How Did Economists Get it So Wrong?”, by Paul Krugman in the New York Times. The bottom line is that the current situation “which nobody could have predicted” was predicted and it doesn’t take an economist to know that:

  • Nothing goes up forever,
  • People aren’t always rational,
  • We should learn from the past, and
  • The ‘house’ always wins. 

With all the theoretical back and forth between the various ‘schools’ of economic theory, one word jumps out at me: “technocrat”.

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