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How Does Change Happen?

By Jennifer Corriero | Bio

Jennifer Corriero is co-founder and executive director of Taking It Global. Her poem, originally published on Jennifer’s blog in December 2009, is reprinted with kind permission from the author.

How does change happen?This is perhaps one of those eternal questionsthat carries both simplicityand depths of complexityjuxtaposed in a tension so bright and dark thatemotions explode and identities blur.

Is your belief defined by your role 
or is your role defined by your belief?

How does change happen?

POLICY says the policy maker
MARKETS says the business manager 
MASS MOBILIZATION says the organizer

DIALOGUE says the convenor

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Musing on Beliefs

By Shae Hadden | Bio

I was in an interesting conversation recently about how we can interact with people who hold different beliefs than ours. The question posed was, “How can one be with someone whose beliefs are the antithesis of our own?” An important inquiry to engage in, considering that a clash of beliefs is at the heart of most conflict and strife between people.

Responses from the group varied from escape (“We can’t be with them at all, so we leave”) and avoidance (“We can’t

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Creative Lives

By Rick Fullerton | Bio

am waiting for our third grandchild to be born. In fact, everyone in
our family and circle of friends is primed for the big event—but none
more so than the mother and father to be. Their lives are about to be
totally transformed when their love, commitment and belief in the
future is expressed in the arrival of ‘baby’. 

Birth, for most
people, is the ultimate miracle of life. So it is natural that birth is
celebrated universally as an act of creation.

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