On Friday I had the pleasure of listening to a speaker in his late 60s articulate a compelling and challenging scenario for all of us to get very serious about our choices and our role in the world in coming years. David Korten, a fellow with an impressive pedigree of worldly accomplishments and currently board chair of YES! Magazine, wove a number of familiar themes of coming disaster—peak oil, climate<br

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I guess everything starts somewhere. This is my first ‘blog’. I’m
still getting used to the local jargon in these here parts. I see the
‘blogosphere’ as the perfect place to share my ideas about age and

Actually, this isn’t the beginning of my interest in and commitment
to do something about the culture of aging that we all share. It has
been a kind of hobby of mine for a long time. And now, as I approach
65, it has become more of a mission.

I am clear that, in North America

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Serene Ambition is about what we can do, and more importantly, who we can be as we grow older.

In 1979, I was designing a marketing seminar targeted to ‘seniors’. I believed that everyone at every age is basically afraid of dying and was working within that assumption. I interviewed a number of people, mostly in their 70s and 80s, and began to see that, after a certain point, they weren’t afraid of dying at all. They were, however, afraid of dying without

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     Jim Selman | Photo Credit: Tony Perzel

I am a middle-aged guy in the process of creating the
rest of my life. I am very committed to not getting sucked into the
historical/cultural conversation of what it means to grow older and
what is and isn’t possible as we age. I want the rest of my life to be
more interesting, more challenging and more fulfilling than anytime in
my past—and my past has been terrific.

I have had a pretty good run so far—a great family

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Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is an independent management consultant with over 25 years of senior management experience in the information systems industry, specializing in the utility and banking sectors. Kevin has served as director of the Edmonton Capital Region Housing Corporation, vice president of the board of directors for the Edmonton Street Performer’s Festival, president of the InfoCity Technology Festival, and chairman of the board of his local church. He currently<br

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