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Winter Lights

By Shae Hadden

Tonight marks the longest night of the year—the time when the
prevailing darkness makes us appreciate the presence of daylight all
the more. Festivals of light and tree lighting ceremonies abound,
traditions meant to dispel the darkness. This holiday season I am very
aware of how much ‘light’ is needed in this world…

attended a tree lighting ceremony this evening, and was amazed at how
just a few candles could light an entire room and fill the hearts of

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I had a great meeting with David Korten yesterday. He is the very
inspiring thought-leader I mentioned in a past blog and the author of The Great Turning.
His vision of some of the underlying issues that perpetuate the
persistence of many of the world’s nastiest problems is brilliant and
offers a framework for creating a ‘new story’ of who we are and what’s

of his vision and mine is for our whole generation to declare our
responsibility for the world and become

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On Friday I had the pleasure of listening to a speaker in his late
60s articulate a compelling and challenging scenario for all of us to
get very serious about our choices and our role in the world in coming
years. David Korten, a fellow with an impressive pedigree of worldly
accomplishments and currently board chair of YES! Magazine,
wove a number of familiar themes of coming disaster—peak oil, climate

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The World We Want

By David Korten | Great Turning website

Many of us have been anticipating the day of reckoning for our reckless human ways for decades. That day has arrived. Peak oil, climate chaos, financial collapse, and spreading social disintegration are all consequences of deep cultural and institutional dysfunction. The imperative to address them presents us with an epic test of our human intelligence and creativity.

When I was a student in business school my professors always told us "Go for the Big

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