The Elder


By 2012, 50% of Americans will be over 60. Most of us can expect the gift of an additional 30 years of life.

What will we do with this gift?

Surviving old age is not enough.

We want to continue living to our highest potential. We want to be valued, to experience well-being, happiness and love, to be fully self-expressed in this last third of our lives. We still have a lot to contribute.

We need to transform the culture of aging from one of loss, disappointment and decline to one of possibility, power and purpose. We need to shift the way we look at aging.

How do we achieve this shift? 

That is what THE ELDER is all about.

Jack Canfield, co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" says: 

"Read this book, reconsider the meaning of your own retirement, and learn how to become an Elder! Your family and your community will thank you."

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