The Beauty of Aging

By Shae Hadden

I recently came across a website called The Beauty of Aging. Besides the fact that I love the title, I was impressed by film producer Laurie Schur’s commitment to find role models who demonstrate that aging is a beautiful process. Her 35-minute documentary, Greedy for Life, captures the stories of two dynamic women over 80 who embrace life—despite its challenges—with energy and enthusiasm. Shirley Windward, an 88-year-old free spirit, has recovered from being in a coma and near death in 1990 to live life fully: creating ceramics, writing poetry, dancing and sharing music and laughter with her husband and friends. Lavada Campbell, an 83-year old dynamo, has “still got things I want to do”. She flamboyantly exudes energy and warmth in all her activities. Proceeds from sales of Greedy for Life go towards production costs for The Beauty of Aging, a one-hour documentary about the optimism, fearlessness and sense of purpose of five vital American women of diverse ethnic backgrounds in their 80s, 90,s and 100s.

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Aging”

  1. Laurie Schur referred me to your web site. Thank you , Laurie. Indeed, her documentary, which requires some fiscal help to be completed (hint, hint) is very inspiration, candid and done with a fine sense of balance. It is so nice to see these delightful people in relative happiness adding grace to living at ages I will now aspire to. Please do refer others to her web site or become a Facebook fan–spreading the word for a truly worthwhile project. Kindly yours, donald e. arvidson, m.a.

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