Top 5 Green Documentaries of 2009

Looking for a worthwhile film to watch? Learn more about our current environmental reality by viewing these documentaries.

  • The Cove – undercover report of the massacre of thousands of dolphins outside the Japanese village of Taiji and the lack of governmental response
  • Food Inc. – the reality and negative impact of the US food industry on local farms, consumer health, oil prices and worker safety
  • Fuel – our addiction to oil and the current options that offer clean, renewable energy
  • No Impact Man – the story of a man living a zero-impact lifestyle for a year
  • Thirst – the growing global battle over safe affordable drinking water
  • The Garden – the South Central Farmers of Los Angeles and their fight to save their community garden
  • Crude – the fight of the indigenous people of Ecuador with Chevron to redress chemical contamination from 35 years ago
  • Poisoned Waters – the real state of America’s oceans, rivers and streams
  • Garbage Dreams – the story of 3 youth who make their living sorting and recycling garbage from Cairo’s 18 million residents

* Source: The Mother Nature Network

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