Climate Change: Take Action Canada!

Canada is lagging behind other nations when it comes to addressing climate change. Our country produces less than 1% of its energy from renewable
sources like wind and solar power and only employs a few thousand people. The U.S. is now investing 6x more person to build a clean-energy economy and ‘green’ jobs. And we emit 2 to 3 times more global warming pollution per person than most European countries.

Canadians can help stop climate change by speaking up. Call Prime Minister Stephen Harper at (613) 992-4211and leave him a voicemail message telling him you want Canada to be a leader at the UN Climate Summit this month. Take a video of yourself, post it on the David Suzuki Foundation site and you could win a $400 gift certificate from Mountain Equipment Coop. Enter yourself in their contest by filling out the online form here.

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