Multigenerational Households

The recession has created a new trend: adults moving back in with their parents. According to AARP, these ‘blended’ multigenerational households have risen to 24% of the nation (representing a total of 6.2 million) between 2000 and 2008. Additionally, an astonishing 77% of college grads move back home after completing their education (according to a 2008 survey, up 10% from 2006’s survey results). These ‘boomerangers’ (or returning 20-somethings) are being joined by 30 and 40-year-olds, along with their spouses and families. 

One issue receiving media attention is adjusting to the relationship between parents and their children in this situation. Rather than relating to each other as adults, family members may revert back to old patterns of behaving and relating. The keys to successful blending? Respect and communication. If parents and children can communicate with each other about their issues and respect each other, these households can benefit from having the perspective of multiple generations pulling together in tough times.

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