Multigenerational communities, multigenerational households and multigenerational cohousing. There seems to be a real move afoot away from the large subdivisions of single family homes and a heavy reliance on cars. And as the effects of the economic crisis deepen, these types of intentional living arrangements are receiving more interest. Cohousing is a type of intentional community (a community planned, designed and built for people who are committed to living together in community) in which there is a focus on mutual support, shared resources and communal living to minimize everyone’s impact on the environment. Once the community is built, everyone moves into an ‘instant neighbourhood’ where they already know each other.

Multigen cohousing brings together older adults with families and children, and includes the benefits of ‘neighborliness’, cooperation and easily accessible community support. For those who don’t want to reside near families, elder cohousing offers an alternative. For more information, visit The CoHousing Association of the US and the Fellowship for Intentional Communities.

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  1. Cohousing is a really nice idea and I am sure it works well when it works. The idea of mixing generations in housing communities is a good thing. The thing that cohousing has so far not been able to do though is allow people with lower incomes in. There is very little affordable cohousing. I for one will never be able to live in a cohousing situation, much as I might like to.

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