Grateful Celebration

By Shae Hadden | Bio

In 2008, the theme of the World Health Day was on protecting health from the adverse affects of climate change. For me, the year was about protecting my health from the adverse affects of stress, chronic illness and my workaholic tendencies. Being ill has been the most complete learning experience I could have asked for—a life-changing blessing in disguise. Not only have I discovered (and removed) the source of a chronic infection, but I have also created my relationship to life anew.

Workaholic that I am, having my body ‘break down’ was an opening for a whole new way of relating to my body, my work, myself and to other people. The rules of my game are no longer about proving myself to anyone (including myself), but about living compassion and gratitude. About being in action on my commitments and creating extraordinary relationships. About treasuring every moment and every experience for what it is. And about gratefully keeping health as my first priority—for without it, I am unable to give of myself to anyone or anything.

2009 has started out as a good news year. My latest test results have come back ‘normal’, and today I started a gradual, phased exercise plan to recover strength, stamina and flexibility.

To everyone who has ‘been there’ for me in this past year, thank you. I celebrate you for your loving kindness and patience, and I want you to know that I am here for you if you ever need me.

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