Living Arrangements of the Future

As Boomers grow older, they are changing the way our culture views old age and the possibilities for innovative living arrangements. Boomers will stay active in the community and be among the healthiest 70 and 80-year-olds in U.S. history. No wonder that new living arrangements are emerging like intergenerational housing communities, nursing homes that are more like neighbourhood houses than hospitals, and small homes on college campuses. Meanwhile, some senior centers are also evolving into progressive café-style environments that
emphasize healthy aging with nutritious, appealing food choices,
exercise classes like yoga and Pilates, and intergenerational volunteer
opportunities. For more information on changing the culture of aging and the long-term care of elders in America, visit The Pioneer Network, a nationwide coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to  revolutionizing the traditional nursing home model so that in future we do not have the isolated "geriatric ghettos" of today.