Full of Life

The theme of the UK’s Older People’s Day (which will be October 1st this year) is bringing generations together. The U.K.’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) released figures late last month that indicate people from different generations are spending more time with people outside their own age group. Research conducted through the British Marketing Research Bureau for the DWP’s "Full of Life" campaign, which celebrates the contributions older people make and challenges stereotypes of what it means to be old, surveyed over 1,000 adults over the age of 15 from across Great Britain. They found the following 10 ‘hot spots’ for intergenerational interactions:

  1. At family gatherings (60%)
  2. With neighbors (45%)
  3. At work (43%)
  4. At local pub/bar (29%)
  5. Out and about in the neighborhood (28%)
  6. Through children’s friends (27%)
  7. Through a hobby or interest (23%)
  8. At a place of worship (16%)
  9. Through a community group (9%)
  10. Through charity or volunteer work (9%)