Conversations about Palin

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Since Sarah Palin’s Gibson interviews, I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that she reminds them of George Bush—even more so than John McCain does. Some of the similarities they’re seeing between Palin and Bush include:

  • Divisiveness and undignified, confrontational expressions toward other countries and their leaders
  • Ability to boldly state untruths over and over again
  • Cocky demeanor and foolish pride in being decisive even when they don’t have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions
  • Fearlessness and willingness to assume the responsibilities of a world leader without any real understanding of other countries
  • Statements that imply Iraq/ Saddam Hussein are responsible for 911
  • Lack of humility
  • Disregard for separation of Church and State and implications that God underpins their leadership roles
  • Disregard for accountability (both avoid answering to people when their claims are proven to be false)
  • Belief that global warming isn’t a real problem
  • Lack of concern about dealing with the crippling costs of medical care
  • Standing against stem cell research and against pro-choice regarding abortion
  • Standing for cutting income taxes as the main way to deal with the nation’s financial woes
  • Lack of qualms about
    saying personal (non issue-related), insulting and sarcastic
    things about people in public forums

This perspective, like any point of view, is neither right nor wrong. But it’s interesting to discuss. What similarities or differences do you see between these two political leaders? Feel free to send in a comment.

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