The Crisis

By Jim Selman | Bio

an elder, what do I have to say regarding the ‘crisis’ in the financial
system? To begin, I don’t know what to say about the crisis. But I do
know that this is not a time for ‘idle’ opinions or mouthing platitudes
and ideological dogma. I know the seemingly ‘sudden’ emergence of this
situation is mostly the fact that the media and government pays
attention only after something happens and doesn’t bother to listen to

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The ServiceNation campaign kicked off with a Summit in New York City on September 11th. This grassroots national movement aims to enrol increasing numbers of Americans in committing a year of their lives to national service and, by 2020, to engage 100 million citizens (up from 61 million today) in volunteering each year in schools, workplaces and community organizations. The movement launches tomorrow with a

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