To Fret or Not to Fret

By Marilyn Kentz | Bio | Website

in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ day, you and I are bombarded with
young, beautifully and magically enhanced women 24 hours every day.
Frequent ads remind us that we should be defying our age. Half the
time, I don’t even know I should be worried about something until a
commercial tells me so.

The other day, while putting on my
make-up with the television murmuring in the background, a mesmerizing
spokesperson for a moisturizing product said, “Your first age spot.
You’re sure everyone will notice.” I stopped cold. I began to examine
my face. Is that freckle really an age spot? Does everyone notice it??
Great, now I’ve added age spots to my list of things to worry about.
I’d like to zap them away, but there are bigger things in my life that
demand my attention. I’m sandwiched between fighting off the longing to
move into my college daughter’s apartment because I miss her so much
and finding the courage to research the best version of assisted care
for my precious elderly mother, all of which adds to my bulging

It takes practice to get past the physical changes that creep up in our 50s. That’s why we’ve been given blurry eyesight. We’re meant to concentrate on our life’s purpose,
not on our new jowls. There are much more deep and important things
that come about during our second half of life than the widening of
waistlines and loose skin.

Okay yes, I am as conditioned to
defy wrinkles as the next person. I can’t help it; I’m being
hypnotized, too. But I’m not about to berate myself just because I am
aging. So, I choose to go beyond my crow’s feet and appreciate how
those wrinkles came about. That’s the part to honor and celebrate.

Everyone who lives long enough gets old. Someday, even Miley Cyrus will be disappointed with her ass.

© 2008 Marilyn Kentz. All rights reserved.