Ethical Wisdom

My dear friend Joanne Kellert. Ph.D., and Jack Gilbert, Ed. D., have launched a one-day, in-house workshop called Ethical Wisdom: The Heart of Leadership, Influence and Power. It is designed to support health care leaders and professionals who are on a quest to improve patient safety, quality of care, patient and employee satisfaction, and the financial health of their organizations. They promise a day full of insights and ways to strengthen the ethical health of your organization and an immediate action plan focused on the unique needs of you and your organization. This program gets my recommendation…

For more information, email joanne at or call 707-933-0388. 

Jo Anne Kellert is an internationally recognized executive coach and organizational consultant, guiding executives, work teams and organizations. Her in-depth work is designed to problem solve, set new directions and invent bold visions for a new future, empowering her clients to achieve what was previously defined as impossible. Her work is infused with insights that enable her clients to produce results without sacrificing soul. Her book Dreaming Reality: The Seven Phases of Creating will be published later this year.

Jack Gilbert is an expert in organizational ethics, leadership and large-scale change, an award-winning author, and a consultant. His book Strengthening Ethical Wisdom: Tools for Transforming Your Health Care Organization was published by the American Hospital Association Press in 2007. Jack is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.