If You Are Afraid

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Believers in the Law of Attraction, take heed! If you are afraid, don’t try to resist your fear. If you do, then you will give more power to it and end up attracting what you are afraid of. I know. I’ve just experienced my worst fear: of being very sick, alone, and uncertain about what is happening.

The interesting thing was that, when I was most afraid, immersed in physical pain and emotional stress, I decided to surrender my fear, my pain and my life to that ‘Higher Power’. And when I did, the pain began to dissipate, my body relaxed and I felt certain that, no matter what happened next, it was OK. I would be alive—or I wouldn’t. I would get better—or I wouldn’t. Either way, there was nothing to be afraid of anymore. I wasn’t alone. And, no matter what I do, say or think, I will never be certain about the future.

It was then that things started to turn around. The doctors began to figure out what was going on and I began to take steps toward my recovery. It was as if I had to create the total experience of suffering with my fear before I could embrace it and, ultimately, go beyond it.

We can never control what happens—no matter how much we may believe we think we can. And when we think we are fully surrendered to ‘what is’, we find out that we really aren’t. It’s not until we have nothing left, nowhere to go, and no one but some ‘Higher Power’ outside ourselves to turn to when we fully surrender.

It’s then we can find peace and the courage to go on.