Emptying House

By Shae Hadden | Bio

Spring is in the air today. The first crocuses blaze their yellow glory
at me from across the lawn. I’m staring into the sky blue expanse above
the mountain ridge, and wondering why I’ve chosen to move from this
place. The quiet location and the natural environment were perfect for
me when I moved in a year and a half ago. And now these four walls and
many of the things gathered around me loom like barriers to living full
friendships I had before I moved have all, save for a few,
disintegrated. Some people have dropped out of my life entirely.
Others, still present, relate to me in very different ways than before.
Similarly, the activities we used to do together have disappeared from
the picture as well.
I am changed.
My inner
transformation has created outer changes in my circumstances and
relationships. I find myself attracted to the ‘New Me’ and distracted
by, even uncomfortable with, the ‘Old Me’. Holding on to anything from
my past would seem to be an exercise in futility. I sense an
overwhelming urge to ‘clean house’, to empty my life of what no longer
It’s said that, as we journey through life, we find
ourselves letting go of people, places and things that no longer align
with who we are. While I’m grateful for everyone and everything in my
life today, I’m also realizing that transformation has a price: we must
let go of who we have been and what we once treasured to become who we
are choosing to be.
I’ve decided I’m going to do a bit of
spring-cleaning this afternoon. I just wonder what my empty house will
fill up with next…?