Elder Co-Housing

Co-housing initiatives began in the 1970s in Denmark. Elder co-housing projects are the latest take on this popular type of  housing development. With an emphasis on cooperative living arrangements, these projects allow like-minded people to live in an intentional community of their own creation. The idea is that individuals have their own living areas, but share common facilities like dining rooms and kitchens. Developers often allow residents to help plan and design the common areas. The advantages of living in such a community include ongoing opportunities to connect with other people, eat regular meals, and stay active and engaged…while still maintaining some independence.

For more information on elder co-housing, check out Charles Durrett’s Senior Cohousing: A Community Approach to Independent Living.

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  1. Hi,
    I went to see some cohousing for 55+ people in Denmark and Sweden and I can tell you they were all full of life. Amazing to see how community can make people happy. And as you know, cohousing makes sure each individual gets its own appartment for privacy. Durtett’s book is excellent! You might be interested to watch the documentary “Voices of Cohousing. Rebuilding villages in the city” that won an award at the 34th Ekotopfilm festival 2007. trailer and info: http://notsocrazy.net

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