Experimenting with Intention

Hot on the heels of neuroplasticity is the paperback release this week of Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment, an investigation into intentions manifesting into reality. The Intention Experiment’s website
is an open invitation to get involved in a worldwide experiment into
the ‘science of intention’. Working with leading physicists and
psychologists from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the
International Institute of Biophysics, Cambridge University and the
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Ms. McTaggart is enrolling thousands of
volunteers from countries around the world to participate in web-based
experiments focused on particular topic areas. To participate, you must
purchase a book (which contains a password for accessing the experiment
on the site). On clicking through the site to find information about
upcoming workshops in my country (there are none), I stumbled across a ‘community intention of the week‘ and a listing of the results gathered from their first experiments. Interestingly, the biggest challenges to the experiment itself so far have been technological in nature.

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