Do You Really Want to Know?

The latest breakthroughs in genome technology will now be available to consumers, allowing them to trace their past in order to predict their future. Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is launching 23andme today. The
web-based service, partially funded by Google, has set out to revolutionize how
we look at ourselves in reference to the past, present and future. For $999, consumers will get a complete DNA scan that reveals their ancestry,
what their risk factors are for developing certain diseases, and ongoing updates on genetic discoveries that may directly
affect them. Clients submit a saliva swab to this private company, technicians extract DNA from the sample, then submit it to the 23andme genotyping process. Each individual’s data is entered into a secure database, which clients can access online. From there, individuals will be able to research their genome and supposedly connect genetically with others around the globe using 23andme’s web-based interactive tools.