Health – Who’s on First?

By Vincent DiBianca

Like many, I’ve heard both sides of the ‘Cooking and Freezing in Plastic’ debate. A good friend recently sent me an email warning of the dangers of “microwaving and freezing food in plastic containers” accompanied with supportive research. Another friend responded by saying that the ‘authorities’ (including the FDA and Johns Hopkins University) say that Rubbermaid®, Tupperware®, plastic cookware and food wrap sold for home use have been thoroughly tested, only tiny traces of a plasticizer have been found, and even that is not an endocrine disrupter. This set off a productive dialogue about who to believe about what.

friend who is a prominent bio-chemist and clinical physiologist says
the impact of synthetics has a major impact on compromising the immune
system. (He contends that contrary to some reports, leaching from
microwave cooking has been proven to occur in virtually all plastics
and whether the plastic touches the food or not). Ugh!

I give little credence to much of the mainstream position on health and
well-being. Unfortunately, doubting our ‘authorities’

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