Navigating the Turning

By Shae Hadden

David Korten’s opening remarks addressed all present at this conference as ‘navigators’ of the Great Turning. I find the term interesting: navigators, in effect, act as leaders. They are responsible for guiding the ‘ship’: they envision arriving at the destination, chart a course to it (however tentative or uninformed), and then direct the actions of others to make that ‘vision’ reality. I agree with Korten that leaders are of critical importance for navigating the sweeping transformations happening in our world today.

I was somewhat surprised to see
that most conference participants appeared to be in their late 40s and
up. The few younger people who were present stood out from the crowd.
Korten noted in his closing remarks how most audiences he speaks to are
comprised of older people in their 50s and 60s, and that there is a
need to attract younger people. Perhaps their absence is indicative of
the fact that North American society does not, for the most part,

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