The Great Retirement Race

I saw this picture and began to wonder how many of us are racing toward retirement with the same sense of urgency to ‘get it right’ that drove us to get through college, find the best job, raise that great family and participate in all those community groups and projects. Now, as we turn down the home stretch, are we continuing to accelerate or are we slowing down? Like Verna said over at Out of the Cube, we’re supposed to spend the first half of life acquiring everything and the second half letting go. So what’s the big hurry?

The whole phenomenon of the mid-life crisis really has little to do
with speed and everything to do with direction. The real question to
ponder: “Why are we moving so fast if we don’t know where we’re going?”
Couple this with the fact that a bunch of us are still working on the
question of ‘who we are’ and you have more of a midlife mystery than a
straightforward inquiry into velocity.

I like the metaphor of a racecar track for life because it seems to me
that, at the end of the

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