Beauty is a Journey

By Lilly Page

As I continue to follow my passion, helping people ‘feel’ beautiful, I’ve come to notice that beauty and self-image are one and the same. The journey to real beauty is an interesting path of self-appreciation.

women and men ask for my help to ‘look’ more beautiful. These
individuals have often felt a prompting to change their behavior, even
more so than their look. They are beginning to see the possibilities in
themselves and just need a little encouragement to ‘be’ themselves, to
fully express who they are. Whether they receive an image make-over as
a gift or whether they ‘gift’ themselves, the inspiration usually comes
from a

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A Life Worth Living

The following thoughts were shared by a friend of mine on the
question of what it is like to ‘be’ older and wiser. I think they
express something we can all learn from if we haven’t already.

it like to ‘be’ my age? Besides the obvious physical changes, there is
a kind of release—a gentle meltdown—a relaxation that goes beyond where
any mere massage could take me.

  • Gentleness, calm, quiet inside …
  • Infinite space to allow people to Be…
  • Grace to see what is moving and what isn’t all around me … To
    acknowledge what I’ve sensed and seen in people…And to let it be
    without trying to ‘make’ certain results happen…or certain
    actions/reactions occur…
  • A sense that letting go is OK … That releasing what is in my life
    now will allow other things, other people, other opportunities to
    appear …
  • Knowledge that being afraid of ‘having nothing’ appear is just old
    fear … And that since all I have to offer is love, if there are no
    takers, then it is time for me to leave and experience another life,
    another existence elsewhere.
  • An inner knowing that what I offer (love) is needed
    everywhere…and that Christmas this year has nothing to do with what I
    could buy and everything to do with who I am being for others.

Much wisdom…

  • That there is ‘nothing’ here to be attached to … That experience is all I can gather and ‘own’ in this journey.
  • That to serve I must cherish the vehicle I’ve been blessed to live
    this life in…and try not to fill the energy gap with empty carbs or
    lazy days.
  • That pleasure and pain are the edges of the same sword…and that I’m balancing both edges lightly in my heart.
  • That thoughts are what pin us down … And that sometimes we need
    to ‘do’ something entirely different to change our thoughts. Our
    thoughts are the only way we have a chance to be free…
  • That depths of feeling, time and space, the very air I breathe is as much of ‘nothing’ as I am.
  • That sadness and joy mirror each other in every moment I am alive.
    Floating like a butterfly in ecstasy and serenely sad at how
    magnificent each of us is.

Most of all, I’m amazed with myself…that life can be so

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